Talking Rabbit

Hooray! Talking Rabbit Makes You Jive Every Moment

  • Platform

  • iOS
  • Technologies Used

  • OSX Version 10.9.2
  • Xcode Version 5.1.1
  • App Category

  • Entertainment
  • Deliverable

  • iOS app
  • Game App Solution
  • App Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom iOS App

iPhone App Development Solution: The New Playful Application

Game Character Animation for iPhone

Talking Rabbit (iPhone app development solution designed for Singapore based client) is your pet that responds to your touch and imitates that you say with a funny voice! When you rub his little tummy, he goes “mmm”; when you touch his nose, he goes “ah-choo”. Tap into his leg and he gives an “ouch” sound! You can pet him, poke him and play with its tail. Sounds cute! Enjoy hours together with this lovable little rabbit. Sweeten playful moments with your new pet.

The cute animation of talking rabbit eats carrots too! You can record your own videos of bunny repeating what you say and share videos with your friends via YouTube and Facebook. Freaking awesome it is! Let your rabbit play with you and make him purr! Give him loads of carrots to eat since carrots are his favorite dish. Cherish every moment with laughter with “Talking Rabbit”. Bag this fascinating iPhone app development solution built for big time entertainment.

Key Features:

  • This cute will imitate what you say in a funny voice.
  • Let him eats carrots, because he loves them!
  • Your new pet – Rabbit talks like men too!
  • Recorded videos can be shared on Facebook and YouTube
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