My White Oaks

Wise & Easy wealth Management with a Mobile App!

  • Platform

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Technologies Used

  • Java, Eclipse
  • Objective C, OSX Version: 10.9.5, Xcode – 6.0
  • App Category

  • Finance

A wealth and Finance management Mobile App for iPhone/Android in Minnesota

wealth advisor iphone app

My White Oaks is a Personal financial management Android/iPhone app designed to grow, safeguard, and transfer your wealth in a smarter way! My White Oaks is a company of wealth advisors (based in Minnesota) that helps finance industries across the globe who have brought this revolutionary mobile app in wealth management! These types of mobile apps for wealth management solves all your problems related to investments in one go! Using this app, you can view company videos which are privately stored with robust security features.

Paving a smooth path for your finance and wealth management with A Mobile App

Moreover, you will find Private vaults and Strategy Updates vaults which bring you to a handy guide that helps invest your finance wisely. One of the intriguing features of this mobile wealth management app is, you are facilitated with PDF downloading, so that you can easily go through the documents on-the-go! You can explore latest updates of strategies such as Aggressive, Alternative, Low, Flexible and Moderate! This multi-featured app offers you Protected Passwords, Data/Relevant information is stored safely on and much more.

  • Passwords are protected efficiently!
  • Password protected strategies are offered to the users.
  • Download PDF on-the-fly
  • Make downloading secure and robust
  • Experience the flexibility and easiness of the app
  • Data/Relevant information is stored safely on
  • Give comments on shared documents.
  • Get real-time response from other users!