Mobile App Development Advantages To Travel & Tourism Business

Mobile App Development Advantages To Travel & Tourism Business

Travel & Tourism industry is a huge sector with 6.3 Trillion dollar per year as per the latest industry statistics. This success is due to united contribution of both:The Travel & Tourism Industry & The Mobile App Industry. Thence, with this continued partnership as Mobile Travel industry both the sectors have a huge field to hit grand slams in coming future too. Gone are days when people used to travel around the world with maps, compasses, guidebooks and bizarre printed stuffs for directions or route info. Now, all they can do is, have a travel mobile app which encompasses all the travel & tourism tools required to make use of when traveling. This proves that the kinship between travel and technology has become stronger. Therefore, the word Travel is broadly connected with Mobility now. Isn't it? But..


Mobile applications are increasing the business of Travel Industry to a large extent by helping travelers & tourists, get their travel arrangements done on finger tips. The Travel & Tourism Mobile Apps help all its users, be it a business traveler or a leisure traveler with travel planning, finding travel agents/guides, booking tickets, hotel reservation, route mapping, travel updates, security information(during emergency), oversees banking so on and so forth. Travel mobile apps offer end to end solutions for all the travel and tourism requirements. Check out the stats regarding Travel & Tourism Apps usage for a bigger picture.

Statistics: How Tourists Use Mobile Apps While Travelling

  • Travel & Tourism related apps rank as the 7th most downloaded category of apps.
  • 85% of leisure travelers make use of their smartphone while abroad.
  • 72% post vacations photos on a social network
  • 30% make use of mobile apps to find hotel deals.
  • 46% check in to a location while on Holiday
  • 15% downloaded mobile apps specifically for the forth coming vacations/holidays.
  • 29% of travelers have used mobile apps to find flight deals

Other Purposes Tourists Use Travel Mobile Apps For

  • Check Weather – 55.8%
  • Use map features – 49.1%
  • Search Restaurant – 62.1%
  • Use GPS For Directions – 48.1%
  • Search Hotel – 46%
  • Search Search activities and attractions – 33.3%
  • Check in prior to flight – 23.9%
  • Buy Tickets – 8.1%
  • Look For Public Transportation – 12.6%
  • Look For Shopping –36.1%
  • Search For Hotel – 11.2%
If truth be told, Travel & tourism industry is indeed lame without mobile apps. The wise travel company have already understood & opted for most advanced travel & tourism mobile app development and are extracting high ROI. What is your strategy for minting moolahs by contriving a perfect Travel & Tourism mobile application for business? If you are still at sea, consult the right App design & development company to strategize.

Why Choose Professional Travel App Design & Development Services?

If you are planning to develop an app that makes business, then make sure that the travel mobile application is with rich functionalities & user friendly. iPhone Developer realizes that many travelers & tourists find travel mobile apps design & development daunting. so, what you should do is, choose a travel app design & development company that allows you to interview its developer prior to hiring. know the experience & expertise of your travel Hire App Developer and then take decision. i-Phonedeveloper is one such company that, lets you to take interview of its skilled mobile app developers before you hire them. Get in touch and know more. Hope this piece of writing helps you in taking decision of creating travel & tourism mobile app for business. Keep coming for more.


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    This is a good article & good site.Thank you for sharing this article. Getting your applications talking is the key to better business processes.

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    The future of mobile app development is bright though it has to address challenges ahead that originate from an ever-changing business like tourism. If you are planning to develop a tourism mobile app that makes business, then make sure that the mobile travel application should be user-friendly.

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