Why do I Require to Hire a Dedicated Application Developer?

Why do I Require to Hire a Dedicated Application Developer?

If you have stumbled upon this post and poring over, chances are that you too are overwhelmed with the rise and rise of app development and surging associated profit margins No wonder you are chomping at the bit to have your own app developed, but developing an app is not a low hanging fruit, Mind You! There are countless app development companies and freelancers vying to walk away with the deal and you also leave the door open for hiring an in house developer end up realizing this could be an expensive affair. Phew! Cacophonic business quotes, countless sales calls, organizations making too good to be true promises and that poor indecisive brain struggling to make a choice. Couldn't be worse! "You cannot have your cake and eat it too". Well, we all have grown up on the cliché and with no intention to be derogatory to it; it should not stop you from expecting hundred percent ROI. After all it is dead serious business.

But, how to make the right decision without compromising on your expectations.

"Let's Talk Turkey"

What Options are at my Disposal?

You can hire an in house developer, but you do not want to invite a business crunch. Do you? Hiring, training, retaining and other perks associated with hiring an in house developer could make you repent on your decision in the end.

You can hire a freelance app developer, but it can cost you dearly. Let's talk about that later.

Well, your choice should be determined by your requirement, the level of quality you are looking for as well as the overall cost you can afford. Not to say that it's all so hunky dory but asking few questions will make making a choice much…much easier.

Question 1- So how does hiring a dedicated resource help?

"Good Question!"

Hiring a dedicated mobile app developer would demonstrate perfect business acumen as you can benefit your project with the expertise and availability of an in house developer without having to make aforementioned expenses.

Question 2- How about hiring a Freelance App Developer?

Well, many would conceive this sort of biased against freelancers, but firstly they do not have enough experience or resources to develop an app that can keep up with the latest trends, which is the last thing you can afford in this ever changing era of technology.

"This is just the tip of the Iceberg"

Unlike a dedicated app developer, freelancers have too many irons in the fire which may not only make them miss the project deadline, but the quality of the end product may well come as a total bummer to you. A dedicated resource dedicatedly working on your project fixated on your project has ample of time to research and make commendable customizations to the functionality.

Question 3- Do I have complete control over the development process?

Yes, you do! A dedicated resource working for you under your scrutiny is liable to provide you with regular updates like an in house developer. Key factors such as cross browser compatibility etc. are always taken into account. Rigorous tests and amendments are performed to achieve desirable end results.

Ok, so while you are now aware of the benefits of Hiring a dedicated app developer, some questions for you before you hire one-

Question 4- Do you know the expertise of the app developer?

Hiring a dedicated app developer can potentially be a herculean task, especially if you are not aware of his/her experience and expertise in the domain. Organizations' bling-bling promises make it even tougher, but interviewing a developer before making up your mind about hiring him can really be rewarding. Confidentiality is another critical aspect you should keep in mind.

Question 5- Do you need instantaneous technical support?

Sealing a deal with the company that offers instantaneous technical support is a brainy idea. Apart from robust 24X7 technical support I-Phonedeveloper offers 2 years Free Bug support to address all small and big issues as if all of them were critical.

Mobile apps are remunerative for all types of industries and Professions

  • Sports
  • Church and Ministries
  • Radio
  • Artists and Musicians
  • Multimedia Companies
  • Other Business

What if I need an Enterprise Level App?

Modern age cut throat competition calls for it. Today's smartphones within their hardware limitations are capable of doing all that a full fledged computer can; however, any task that requires agile response calls for an enterprise level app. So, if you are looking to reach out to your potential customers with an agile user experience that adds to the value of your brand and business, enterprise level app should be your pick.

Here are examples of some nice Enterprise Level Apps-

  • ELogBook
  • Meteor Electrical
  • Reaper Run
Hiring a dedicated app developer makes sense if you are looking to develop an enterprise level app which not only represents your business but also boosts the branding bit. For example: Push Notifications that draw your customers' attention to your latest release, seminar or the upcoming music event.

Things to Keep in Mind While I Hire a Dedicated App Developer

"Hire App Developer from an Organization with ADC Select Membership and access to World Wide Developer Conference Material"
Apologies for semantic satiation, but it is of utmost importance which organization your app developer belongs to. Hire App Developer from an organization which is ADC Select Member with access to World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) such as iPhone Developer which has access to WWDC since 2008.

Hope these points steer cleared the haze. If you have any queries, doubts or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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