Why Small Business Should not Ignore Mobile

Why Small Business Should not Ignore Mobile

Mobile devices have become a part of our daily routine. With the introduction of 3G and 4G cellular networks, You find people spending hours and hours on their Smartphones quickly moving their fingers to browse the web, seek latest news, find local information, shop online and do other things at one single time. Such is the power of the Mobile revolution. With the continuous usage of Smartphones and Tablets, it's not enough for businesses to just have an online presence these days. Small businesses now need to think about creating a great mobile experience to satisfy the growing needs of the consumers. This can be done either by creating a mobile version of your business website or a business mobile application.

Let me highlight some good reasons for not avoiding The Mobile Revolution

MobileRevolution for bussiness app

Mobile Sites give you a great User Experience

If you view the desktop version of the website on a mobile, it becomes difficult to navigate and sometimes harder to read the contents. The experience is really frustrating on a 3.5 inch display while mobile web sites are optimized for smaller mobile screens providing easier navigation and touch control.

Connects your business and customers anytime and anywhere on the go

If you have a native mobile app or a mobile version of the website, your customers can interact with you anytime and wherever they wish to on the move. This result in increasing sales leading to few barriers to interaction.

Less Risky to lose customers

More than 50 percent of the people get in touch with a business after a search on their mobile devices. So if your business appears to be visible among the search results and is easy to browse or navigate, it is likely to produce high store traffic and lead generation.

No Loss of business and get highly recommended

If a customer visits your site and is finding difficulty in getting the correct information, you are sure to lose him/her. A bad mobile experience can result in a great loss to your business but a good user experience mirrors good customer service and that can do wonders to your business and you can be recommended by your customers to their friends and other customers.

Productivity increases

Mobile Apps allows your customer to easily navigate, communicate, check inventory and manage the flow of work in a smooth and efficient manner. A business app can offer you a fast way to enter content, take purchases and fulfil any simple task.

Cost to have a mobile website or mobile app is low

If approached a professional mobile development team, the cost of developing a mobile App or create custom mobile website in order to serve your customers is very less. Find out How can Mobile Apps help you to grow Business. The developers and designers can simplify the graphics and navigation elements to focus on ease of use and speed.

Use other color for this: "Ignoring Mobile is equal to Ignoring Increasing Percentage of Customers" With the increasing percentage of Smartphone owners who browse the Internet at least once every day is much higher, there are businesses who are not yet providing a mobile experience. This is an excellent opportunity for you to stay ahead of your competitors- to amaze the people, acquire their confidence and sell your products or services all because you provided a perfect optimized mobile website or mobile app that offered the desired information when and where it was needed.