Know How Mobile will Overtake Fixed Computer Access to The Internet

Know How Mobile will Overtake Fixed Computer Access to The Internet

We have seen a lot of changes with the advancement of the technology since 1950’s. First came the mainframe era, second came the minicomputer era which then led to the beginning of the computer desktop era. We are now living in the midst of the fifth major technology cycle where Android Phones and Apple iPhones are dominating the world with millions of people continuously accessing the mobile internet over their devices than the laptops and desktop PCs. This is now a major concern for people doing businesses around the world and for those who just have a web presence. The trend of just giving your business an online identity was never to sustain as technology never sticks to one approach but keeps advancing to new levels and make things easier for us.

It's time to change gears to Mobile and accelerate your business

One of the reasons of mobile access is the growth in eCommerce offering location-based services, special offers, mobile discount coupons, push notifications, etc.  Mobile play an important role for companies that own an eCommerce based web site to keep pace with market trends and the results is that online shopping has even influenced the brick and mortar sales. So it's evident that Mobile Experience is essential for your business.

Mobile accelerate your business

In the past, one had to be dependent on the user for visiting the site but an organization running an eCommerce business can engage with his customers and clients in on-the-fly-management by availing the push messaging techniques. People specially businessmen who are reading this blog, I would like to give you a small task to take your Smartphones in hand, access your mobile internet and search whether your competitors and see whether they have a mobile optimized website. I am pretty much sure that your eyes will pop out when you find that your competitors are way ahead of you and a few of them are serving customers through native mobile business applications.

Would you still want your business to be left behind? We help you match the level with your competitors

Moving your business to the mobile field is a great way of reaching your customers.

What you get through the mobile websites and apps we create?
  • Give a user friendly mobile experience to your customers
  • Generated high store traffic
  • Consumers can connect to your social media pages
  • Generate new leads  for your business
  • Assurance of success to your business
Developing a mobile app and website, by either optimizing your current website or creating an app, tends to be the first step into the mobile world for many businesses and we the mobile experts can help you take the next move to success. feel free to share your views or contact us for more discussion

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