Key Features of Apple’s Latest Version iOS7.1

Key Features of Apple’s Latest Version iOS7.1

Apple released iOS 7.1 version in the first half of march amidst a great deal of curiosity and excitement which apparently defines what Apple is. So while there are quite a few rumors doing rounds around the latest iOS 7.1 version with users wondering what's new with the latest iOS version and business owners whether or not iOS7.1 upgrades and iOS7.1 app development is really worth it. Let's see what iOS 7.1 has in store for it's users across the globe.

Key Features of iOS Latest Version 7.1-

  1. iOS 7.1 Kills the Parallax-

iOS7.1 adds a great deal of flexibility as it has killed the ever annoying parallax wallpaper effect without abolishing the zooming transition animations while opening or closing apps.

Here's how you can do this-

First of all make sure that 'Reduce Motion' is off in the Settings.

Now Settings> General> Accessibility

Go to Wallpapers & Brightness and tap your screen wallpaper. Now switch to perspective zoom and repeat the same process for home wallpaper.

  1. iOS7.1 Siri Knows When to Stop Listening

Apple's virtual assistant Siri is now more well mannered and knows when to stop listening. Users can manually control when Siri listens by pressing down the 'Home Button' and releasing it when they are done.

  1. iOS7.1 Enables HDR Auto-

Most of us cribbed about the annoying and awful bug in iOS7 that caused the device to disable HDR every time the camera app was closed. If you want to enable this most awaited feature, you can simply tap HDR On or Off at the top of the screen while the camera is open. Now select 'HDR Auto' and enjoy clicking.

  1. Improved Visibility Options-

Apple has been a pioneer when it comes to providing accessibility options to the disabled. Newly released iOS7.1 has fine tuned options so that you can increase the contrast of your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. 'Reduce Transparency' helps you reduce the transparency

  1. Add Button Shapes

iOS7.1 gives you the liberty to add button shapes to the software's text only tap targets. Doing so is very simple by following these steps-

Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Toggle Button Shapes to On.

Why iOS7.1 App Development and iOS7.1 Upgrade?

iOS7.1 app development is a wonderful opportunity for your business to penetrate the mobile market. If your app is not compatible with the latest iOS version 7.1, it will not be able to keep your user's interest alive for a long time. Whether you are looking to upgrade your apps or looking for iOS7.1 compatible app development from scratch, our iOS7 and iOS7.1 app developers can help you with that.

If you have any queries regarding iOS7.1app development or wish to share your thoughts, Drop us a line.