Apple Announces Swift At WWDC 2014- A New iOS and OSX Programming Language

Apple Announces Swift At WWDC 2014- A New iOS and OSX Programming Language

WWDC, 2014 held on the 2nd June will be remembered as a day symbolizing the commencement of a new era in iOS App development. Apple's announcing the release of SWIFT- A new iOS and OS X programming language, garnered a big voiced roar of applause from all and sundry present at the event.

What is SWIFT?

Swift is seen as a blend of the amazing features of both Objective C and C language. It is built on Low Level Virtual Machine compiler and runtime. What's in for the programmers? They will be able to see the lines of codes in real time. Compatible with iOS7 and OSX10.9 or higher, Swift also introduces some new features without any compatibility barriers. Swift is designed to wipe out the entire class of unsafe code and meshes very well with Apple's existing Cocoa and Cocoa touch framework.

What Are the Other Advantages of Apple's Swift?

  • iOS apps built on Swift are much faster and demonstrate better performance.
  • Programmers will be able to develop apps and software faster
  • Optimization and changes can be made and tested instantaneously
  • Migration of apps from Objective C to Swift will be quite easy.
  • Debugging will be quite easy for programmers. Thanks to Playground and REPL, Swift features that also allows you to design a new algorithm. It is also easy to experiment with the new APIs.

Other Interesting Facts/Features of Apple's Swift

  • Supports closures with function pointers, generics and other various functional programming structures.
  • Majority of bugs and sources of crash have been rectified in Swift
  • Swift and Objective C use the same runtime.

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