A Sneak Peek Into The Emerging Arcade Game Apps

A Sneak Peek Into The Emerging Arcade Game Apps

Introduction To Arcade Game Apps

"Arcade game apps"! That's one of the phrases you had never thought you would hear, but here you have. There is no denial that game apps these days are much liked because there are not as many hardcore gamers alluring for a challenge as there used to be! However, a bunch of Arcade game applications is no way a more simplified than other game apps. Many game app developers want to invest some of their time in making of innovative Arcade games. While, it is comprehensible that they would not just design games with the basic ideas, but create super entertaining characters which really turn out to be the most amusing ones.

Statistics Unveiling The Demand Of Arcade Game Apps

Apps built for Arcade games are being used by people of all age groups. While recent 2015 stats are no doubt intriguing! 46% teens play arcade games and 45% women like to play arcade game apps; arcade game apps have been specifically designed to fit into the busy life style of people and keep them entertained on-the-go. Classic arcade game apps are fun to play, even the designs and controls are made artistically. One more survey stated that, around 1, 10, 000 game developers are employed in the arcade game app development across 32states.

Key Benefits Of Arcade Game App Characters

Any game app offers an escape from the daily rigors of life! With the help of Arcade game apps, players can reduce stress and diminish frustration by poking the comic characters like monkey, rabbit, cat or any. They can imagine the face/person they like to kick off by hitting funny app characters. This is how stress or frustration can be reduced. Moreover, players can dunk their boss by playing or hitting the faces of app characters. All this helps them get entertained too; and they can vent their anger out!

Best Arcade Game Apps

Arcade game apps are the most entertaining apps. iPhone Developer build great arcade game apps as per specified requirements, taking the latest market trends into consideration. Game apps like Dunking Monkey created by them are classic! There are two monkeys' characters; which can be hit by players. You can take revenge against funny monkeys by splashing water on them. By throwing balls at them one can hit monkeys easily.

Character Making For Arcade Game Apps


  • First step includes sketching of character; the rough sketch of any character!
  • Second step includes outlining of character; it makes sense before jumping to the final step.
  • Third step includes final sketching of character.


How to develop an arcade game app?
  • Usage of OpenGLES 2.0 for both Android and iOS so that game looks exact same on both platforms
  • Utilization of OpenAl for the audio that allows up to 32 audio playing simultaneously
  • Usage of box2d for the physics simulation
Moreover, for in-app functionality, one can add in-app class package that comprises of bundles of class. For Facebook integration, one can include Facebook SDK 3.17.0 version to support the Facebook to the app! For Twitter integration, one can add twitter4j-core-4.0.1 jar file to support Twitter to this app.
Have A Happy Game App Making!
Would like to create aesthetic Arcade game app? There is nothing like it! Developing it for iOS and Android is so much fun. It is worth developing Arcade game apps because the genre is pretty different yet challenging.