What’s the Cost of Mobile Application?


The past couple of years have seen an incredible upsurge in mobile app market and app downloads from various app stores such as Google play and Apple store countersign the APPetite. Understandably, this fondness is just not confined to users, but businesses across the globe are getting equally or perhaps even more APPdicted.

While Small and big companies bow to the indispensability of mobile apps for business, they often wonder about how to start with mobile app for your business and mobile app development cost.

To put it simple, this question can be pretty much likened to ‘What’s the cost of a new house?’

You got your answer !

It depends on what kind of house you are looking for and where. Purchasing a house in Detroit will cost you $35,000- way cheaper than one in Manhattan which will cost you well nigh 5 times more.

So, the bottom line is that the cost of app development is determined by the type of mobile app you want for your business. So let’s take a look at the types of mobile apps you can develop

How many Types of Mobile Apps are there?

Here we are not referring to apps according to the business type such as lifestyle, finance, travel etc. We will delve deeper into various mobile app architectures to help you determine which mobile app is the best for your business.

Games- As many of us know that a diverse range of games are available on app stores, some are very simple with basic features and functionalities while others are loaded with a whole range of features such as 3D features, realistic graphics, cool sounds etc.

App with Basic Table Functionality- If you own an iPhone, It’s quite easy to understand this one. iPhone’s email feature is quite good an example of this. You click on the app and a whole new list is on to choose from. if you are looking for a simple mobile app for your business then you should go for one like this.

Mobile App with Custom Database Driven Functionality- This is surely way beyond than an app with basic table functionality. The development process comprises of some complexities, but it is way better than a simple app with basic table functionality. You can choose to go for a native or dynamic app for your business. Example of fully dynamic apps are Twitter, weather condition channels etc.

Mobile apps with Modification of certain Features- Functions such as camera, flash or alarm can be modified to develop a useful mobile app for your business.

There are 2 determining factors of mobile app development:

  • How much content you have?
  • The features and the level of control you want to have

Process of Mobile App Development-

  • The Initial Idea- The initial idea refers to the first idea that comes to your mind after making up your mind about mobile app for your business. In other words it is the vision that drives the other steps. A simple app is economical and easy to develop as compared to a game app with a potential of virality, but the development cost is comparatively higher.
  • Layout- In layman’s language, the layout or wire-frame as they put it, this steps goes a step ahead of the initial idea. The navigation of the app with questions such as what happens if you press home or any other button is the basis of this bit of mobile app development process.
  • Mobile App Design- This may sound as a cliche, but a crucial one indeed. Design determines the fate of a mobile app development so this just cannot be ignored.
  • Deployment- Once your mobile app is done with the development and designing part, it is ready to go live on the app store such as Google Play and Apple Store. This calls for a new account setup with various descriptions such as cost of your app and also putting up the icons.

Ball Park Figures: Mobile App Development Costs

As discussed earlier every app is unique with unique prerequisites, features and functionalities so mobile app development cost varies from project to project.

Simple App Development Cost: A simple app will cost anywhere between $1500-$4000.

Database App: An estimated cost of a database app can be anywhere between $8k-$50k.

Enterprise App: The price of an enterprise level mobile app can be between $50k-$150k.

Games- Depending upon the features of the game, it can cost you anywhere between $10k-$250k.

The price of Android and iPhone app differ as well.

Who Should I Hire for Mobile App Development for my Business?

Mobile app development not only requires technical skills, but also high level of creativity with excellent understanding of mobile app business.

There are many options at your disposal but you should always hire a dedicated app developer, if you are serious about app development and looking for cost effective mobile app development solutions. You may be wondering “Why do I Require to Hire a Dedicated App Developer“, but there are substantial reasons to hire one from an organization such as i-Phonedeveloper which has an enviable reputation and experienced mobile app developers with more than 5 years of experience.

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