Elogbooks App- Get Access To Your Service Provider

You get anything and everything you need from the Elogbooks. When you want to look for some service providers in any geographical area, this is the perfect way to find them. The iPhone Developers have come up with the technological aid for all sorts of searches. This technology is pre-screened. You can also see that the delivery of service is exceptional with the merge of technology with the requirements of people. There are various engineers working for Elogbooks. These engineers are assigned tasks to be done. Each of them is allocated a login identification code or number. The app can be accessed by them using this login ID and they can carry out the assigned tasks.

Working of the App

working of the Elog Book app The Elogbooks admin assigns tasks to the engineers through a server. The app lists various tasks for them, like planned jobs, reactive jobs, patrols and assets. The engineer can see all the tasks assigned to him or her. For instance, the log tells the engineer about the task for the day, the next and even or the whole month. Every detail like the name of the building, floor, the task, the date for completion, and the exact the requirement are given in detail. Once the given task of patrol is done by the engineer, the requirement has to be finished. The requirement may be a signature, photo or even a barcode. The engineers need to update about the task and the status to the admin. The options for such update are also available in the log. For every job assigned by the customer, the engineer updates the admin. You can never find a maintenance app for the tasks assigned, and updating tasks. iPhone Devleoper have made it a point that everything related to the task assigning has to be done with the Elogbooks. If you are looking for service providers then you can get the aid of this app, which is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

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  • July 17, 2013
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